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The IIAL is a fictional research institution. It constantly produces pamphlets, occasionally exhibits items from its vast museum, and its members lecture incessantly. These activities are often interpreted, though not by The Institute itself, as creative writing, visual art and performance.

The IIAL has two purposes. The first is to actively undermine institutional cultural analysis through parody, re-appropriation and outright falsification. The second is to act as a testing ground for a new approach to history, social studies, and culture: an approach that seeks to blur the permeable line between reality and fiction, that inherits the academy's empiricism whilst avoiding the impotence of purely rational analysis.

A Manifesto

1.1 Sometimes, a lie is needed to tell the truth, because
1.2 Some things are not susceptible to analysis, like
1.3 History, and
1.4 Cultural phenomena


2.1 These are problems to which,
2.2 There are alternatives, such as
2.3 The communication of the above points through the parody of history, critical theory and sociology, and
2.4 The creation of a new approach,

Which is

3.1 Based upon the realisation that intuition is a more powerful tool than analysis, and that therefore
3.2 Fiction should be integrated into history, critical theory and sociology, until
3.3 Fiction is our History, and
3.4 Our History is Fiction.